Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tomatoes in January

This weekend I picked the last of my tomatoes planted this past fall. I've been harvesting ripe and delicious throughout December and all of January. Here is this week's harvest:

In the bowl are Park Whoppers, Solar Flare, Mortgage Lifter and Celebrity and Totem varieties. In December Early Girl and Better Boy varieties were harvested. Some of these were seeded in September of 2010 indoors and others like the Park Whopper and Solar Flare were bought from Home Depot as transplants. All were placed in the garden in their final pots early to mid October of last year. The plants are all done for now with just a few small green tomatoes left. Our December and January chills effectively killed off any chances of the plants overwintering and producing again so they will be removed from the garden this week in preparation for spring planting.

A Bit of Background

Welcome to my blog about a South Florida Square Foot and Container Garden. I love to garden and wished I had an acre or more of land to plant away on, however since I don't I make do with two 3x6 square foot beds and several, well maybe a few dozen containers. Here are earlier posts about my garden. This blog will be dedicated to my gardening adventures and hopefully will feature some tips you can use.

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