Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Container Cucumbers

I have been busy doing many things and my garden has been busy growing. Here is a picture of one month's growth on my container bush variety of cucumbers started from seed in late February.  When I checked this morning there were two baby cucumbers forming.   Now I have never been successful at getting cucumbers to this stage of growth or actually getting frui.t and that is due to me mainly planting at the wrong time and planting the wrong variety.  Cucumbers are naturally vining plants and most varieties will benefit from trellising, but being that I do not have the room so I searched out bush varieties suited for container culture.  If I get two or three fruits from this pair of plants I will be very happy.

Pictures Taken March 2nd and April 4th

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  1. Good job! I bet you get more cucumbers. I can't wait to see how many you get!