Friday, February 4, 2011

I Hear the Trumpets

It's February and the trumpets are blowing in the breeze.  Started from a cutting taken from my aunt's yard, this very beautiful Angel Trumpet Flower (Brugmansia) is in full bloom.  This gorgeous plant starts out with yellow pod like flowers that open up to become a gorgeous shade of peach.  I fertilize it once or twice a year, when I remember to and really don't give any extra care or attention, other than to remove hornworms which ravages the leaves during the summer.  It's a stunning plant and one I will keep in my collection.  I'm think if I found a hot pink or red brugmansia, I'll need to add it to my collection.


  1. I can see I am going to love this blog!

  2. What a gorgeous blog....and so interesting too! I've never seen a Brugmansia, but how beautiful....Thanks for sharing.