Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yellow Bougainvillea

I love the way Bougainvillea looks with weeping drapes of colorful paper like blossoms.  It gives me the sense of warmth and temperate climates like the West Indies and the Mediterranean. Common in South Florida landscapes, I decided to give it a try and planted one last year.  While I love the gorgeous yellow blossoms, I must say I didn't quite take into consideration the thorns on the plant when I envisioned that the not so brilliant plan of training it towards my fence over the Mexican Petunias.

Bougainvilleas are relatively easy to grow.  They prefer well draining soil however once established they do tolerate dry conditions and underwatering.  It is recommended to fertilize three times a year, however this plant even tolerates forgetful me, who honestly can't remember the last time she fertilized this beauty.  It makes a great security barrier near windows with it's thorny branches.  It can easily handled with a heavy pair of gloves though, so don't let this beauty deter you, it's worth having in your garden.

Bouganvillea comes in a wide variety of colors, pinks, crimson, peach, purple, white and of course yellow.  I think this year I will add another color but instead of planting it in the ground I think I will try in containers against the wall.


  1. I have a dark pink bougainvillea, and I love it! We have to cut ours back every year here in central Florida. They are one of my favorites!

  2. ooh I would love to add a dark pink to my garden