Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nothing like a Home Grown Pineapple

This is the second pineapple or ratoon from the parent pineapple that I planted in a container three years ago.  It has been growing in my front yard and has been a conversation piece among myself and neighbors.  This lovely little beauty was as sweet as it looks and the entire family enjoyed eating it.  I did save the top and set it to grow roots for hopefully another pineapple.  I also see what looks to be another top growing from the original plant and there are puppies in the pot that I will need to transplant into their own containers.

I hope you give pineapple a try in your garden.  Be patient and you too will one day be proudly eating a pineapple you've grown.

1 comment:

  1. Growing pineapple is fun. I enjoy it, too. One year my dog ate the little pineapple, and destroyed the plant. Aaarrggghhh! I have a pineapple now, started it from a cut top, but it will be another year or so before I get a pineapple from it. I need to plant some more. Your pineapple is beautiful, and looks perfectly ripe! Enjoy :D