Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zone 10 Start some Seeds

Based on several seed calculation tools and information found in the UF Vegetable Gardening Guide , now in July would be a good time to start seeds for transplants for the fall garden.  Tomatoes and Peppers are good choices with lots of variety to choose from.  Seeds started now will be ready to be transplanted to ground by mid to late September, giving you a headstart on the fall garden and allowing warm weather crops such as tomatoes and peppers to fruit well before out first frost in mid December.  Be sure to transplant your seedlings into 4 or 6 inch pot sizes after they have sprouted so that they can grow until transplant time in September.  Seedlings do require extra care, shelter and nurturing, but it will be worth the effort when you consider the money saved from buying transplants from the box store and the availabilty of choice of variety that you will have. 

When selecting seeds, look at the number of day to harvest and spacing requirements especially if you are container or square foot gardening.  With tomatoes you will want to choose "Determinate" 
varieties.  You can still grow "Indeterminate" varieties in containers, however you will have to provide suitable trellising and support since they can grow over 6 feet tall. 

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